03 February - 06 February 2022 WCS weekend in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Maria Elizarova

Maria Elizarova Maria began dancing in 2007. Couple dancing attracted her in 2008 and she started learning hustle, discofox and salsa, also working on her solo choreography skills. Since 2012 she is actively developing as a WCS dancer. Her devotion let her advance pretty fast and become one of the best WCS followers in Russia. She reached from Novice to All Stars in just 3 years.

Maria is a remarkably graceful dancer and everyone's favorite follower.

Semion & Maris were teaching WCS in Saratov, then moved to Moscow where they are in a great demand as WCS instructors. They keep being invited to teach all over the world (including Russia, Europe, USA and Australia). Now they are the top WCS couple in Russia. Semion and Maria were the first Russians to ever get to US Open Classic finals! Not only they repeated their success twice already, but also reached as far as 2nd place in Classic. All the Russian WCS community was watching their success with tears of happiness and pride