01 February - 04 February 2024 WCS weekend in Saint-Petersburg, Russia


ATTENTION! The schedule is subgect to change!


We have 4 LEVELS of workshops:

You’ll get the level badges in your envelopes, corresponding to WSDC level you have points at. Wearing badges for the workshops is obligatory.

You can only attend the workshops for your level. Lower level workshops are also possible to attend if that’s not ruining the gender balance.

You cannot attend workshops of higher level unless you’re approved for that. If you want to “level up” for workshops you have to take part in level auditions before the workshops (check the schedule) and get a badge for that level.
Newcomer pass only includes Newcomer level workshops.

Private lessons

Besides workshops you can have private lessons with any of the wonderful WCS instructors present at the event. Find out more about the instructors here.

Dress code

We don’t want to make your luggage heavy with lots of costumes, but we offer you to support the tradition and be elegant on Sunday for JackPot and Awards.


Saturday. Jack‘n’Jill’s . We don’t impose any restriction on you for choosing clothes or shoes, but we kindly ask you to dress smart and appropriate for public perfoming.

Sunday. JackPot and Awards. ELEGANT ATTIRE is the dress code. Which will be dresses / skirts for girls, and dress pants & shirts for men.
Compliance with the dress code is obligatory for competing in Jackpot’n’Jill! But even if you’re not competing, we still highly recommend you to dress up for Sunday night, as we’ll make a group picture right after the competition, and the awards ceremony will follow.