03 February - 06 February 2022 WCS weekend in Saint-Petersburg, Russia


  Autumn price

until 30.11.21

Winter price

until 28.01.22

on the spot

from 29.01.22

Full pass

(including workshops, all parties, right to compete)

€ 100 € 110 € 120
Couple Full pass

(including workshops, all parties, right to compete)

€ 95 € 105 € 115
Party pass

(including all parties)

€ 60 € 70


ATTENTION! The event is only available for registered participants.



To take part in competition you have to purchase one of the passes (except Party pass).

The prices are valid only if you register AND pay no later than 28 January . If you register for competition 29 January or later, or pay on the spot the price will be higher (5 euro more per person per competition).



Canceling your registration

In case you cancel your participation, we pay back charging

It you are selling your pass, you have to let us know beforehand. It's possible to sell only the pass. Competition fee is not transferable.

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