01 February - 04 February 2024 WCS weekend in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

F.A.Q. – Frequently asked questions



    NOW, starting from 1, October, most europien and some other countries can get a FREE E-Visa!

    Check the info here http://electronic-visa.kdmid.ru/spb_home_en.html

    If your country is not listed, read the following info:

    Unfortunately, traveling to Russia requires VISA for nearly every foreigner. Yes, It takes some time and money… 
    BUT, Don’t be afraid, getting Russian visa is not as hard as you might expect ;-) And here are some tips for you.
    Remember also, that we have special discounted International full pass and all our Russian hospitality for you to compensate the trouble of the visa process ;-)
    Now there’re two main options.

    The easiest to get is a TOURIST visa type.
    Book your tickets (or at least make sure you chose dates correctly), book a hotel (all the info you can find at venue)
    and prepare these documents:

    • your international passport (expiry date should be at least 6 months after the end of the trip)
    • 2 visa applications, filled and signed
    • photo 3,5*4,5 cm, signed from behind. Some consulates ask for 2 photos
    • medical insurance policy (if required)
    • invitation (or tourist voucher) – which is really easy to get using this link http://bronevik.com/en/invitation/new-peterhof-hotel (no need to pay for fast service, during working hours they email the invitation within 10-15 min for regular price).

     All needed documents, templates and info you can find here:
    Take all the documents to Russian consulate in your city (it’s also possible to mail documents, check with your consulate) and you will get visa normally in 3-10 working days!
    Note that: in some countries the processing documents takes up to 4 weeks, and also that Russian Christmas holidays are in January, so the consulate may be closed at that time. That’s why we encourage you to plan your trip and apply early.
    You can also apply via a tourist agency, which saves your time, but makes additional costs.

    For the European Union and Switzerland citizens there’s another option – HUMANITARIAN Visa. It can be a bit more difficult but it’s cheaper (as the 35 euro fee for processing the visa application is waived for persons participating in cultural and artistic activities). 
    Basically the procedure is the same, but check for the requirements for this type of visa with your local Consulate, please. 
    I you need the invitation for Humanitarian visa, send us (to swingandsnow@gmail.com) the following data:

    • Full name as it appears in your passport (specify which is the first and which is the family name)
    • date of birth
    • passport number, dates when it was issued and expires
    • nationality, country of residence
    • exact dates of your visit
    • where are you going to apply for your visa (city and country).

    If you visited Russia during the past year, you can apply for multiple entry visa. Let us know if you plan to go for it as well.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help!



    We use DanceConvention.net for registration and event management. The advantage of the system for users is that you do not only fill in the form with your registration information and send it, but you also get an account in the system so you can review or modify your registration at any time. You can see your registration status, how much you have to pay, and you can also change any details you need. For example, you can change your Jack’n’Jill level if you made it to Intermediate or Advanced since you registered for this event, or you can add Strictly if you found a partner, or you can change you pass type, or add other options. That’s convenient.

  • How to register as a couple?

    To get a follower out of the waiting list, the leader has to state the name of the follower in the special section when submitting his registration. Then the follower will get out. The follower has to be registered in the waiting list already.
    To register as a couple for discount, both leader and follower should state their partners names in the special section.
    Don’t forget that your registration is only complete – when fully paid by both partners. The payment should be made within 2 weeks after the registration, otherwise your registration can be canceled.

    We take care about gender balance because we want every participant to be able to dance both at workshops and at the parties. We don’t want anyone to stand most of the time just because there are no partners available. You all come to the event to have great dances, not to wait in a line for leaders, don’t you?

  • How can I pay to complete my registration?

    When your registration is approved you can find all the details in the “Payment” section of your registration at danceconvention.net:


    1. Click on “My registration”
    2. Click on “Payments”
    3. Click on “Pay” and choose an option. You’ll see all the details.
      Please don’t send payment via bank from abroad, as it most probably won’t work and you’ll only lose money on commission.

    Contact us at swingandsnow@gmail.com to arrange your payment or if you have any questions concerning it.

  • Can I pay on the spot?

    Yes, you can pay on the spot, cash only, but note that the prices for passes and competitions are higher and no discounts are valid if you pay after 24th of January.

  • Why do we ask you to register for competitions in advance?

    Because it allows us to be better prepared, calculate the timing more precisely, so you don’t have to waste precious time waiting.

    If you register and make all necessary adjustments to your registration in advance, then you don’t have to stand in a long queue at the event and spend a lot of time at the registration desk. You can just get your envelope and go straight to dance and hug your friends.

    We are also a bit of perfectionists and don’t like to do things in the last moment. So we ask you to help us and register and make all the necessary modifications before January 24.


  • How can I book the hotel?

    All the info about booking you can find at: Venue

    To book your room, choose the desired type of the room and food option, fill in the form and send it to the hotel reservation desk: reservation@new-peterhof-hotel.com

    To confirm your booking you can either leave your credit card data and attach the required documents, or you can ask the hotel about other payment options.

    Remember that the hotel is very friendly and they will go out of their way to help you.

    Make sure you give the hotel the name of your roommates, especially if they have to order a tourist voucher for visa.

  • How can I find roommates?

    Ask your friends if they need a roomie :-)

    You can also post on facebook page that you’re looking for roommate or a spot in a room  Facebook.
    Don’t forget to check others posts, probably your roommate is already looking for you.

    As our experience shows – no one is usually left without a roomie :-)

  • How can I get to the hotel?

    The hotel is easy to reach from the city center by public transport.

    You can find the detailed information at: Venue

    From the airport it’s easier to order a taxi. But don’t agree to use the taxi that they come up to you and offer at the airport. They ask 3-5 times more than it actually costs. Normal taxi price from airport to the Hotel is about 20, max. 25 euro.  No need to pay more.

    You can use Uber or Yandex Taxi or Gett app. There’s free Wi-Fi in the airport.

    If you need any help contact us! The fastest way is usually on fb messenger or WhatsApp +79112133119

    Taxi sharing form will be available on our fb page. Please sign up for the notifications.

  • Are there tea-making facilities / fridge / hair-dryers / irons in the rooms?

    You can find rooms descriptions at the hotel website.

    There’s a mini-bar that can be used as a fridge and a hair-dryer in every room. There are no tea-making facilities in all the rooms, but we are going to have coolers with hot water in the hall next to Romanovs ballroom, so you can always make tea or coffee.

    Irons are available on each floor.

  • Are there places to eat around?
    • The hotel offers lunch and dinner that you can pre-order. When ordering, don’t forget to mention if you have any food allergies or other special requirements.
    • There’s an a-la-carte restaurant Duck&Drake in the hotel open from 11-00 till 23-00.
    • There are shops, supermarkets, cafes and fast-food kiosks within 10 minutes walk from the hotel. At night you can also order pizza or sushi. Please ask our event staff or volunteers for help as most servises speak Russian only.
  • Do I need to bring cash? Where can I exchange money?

    The hotel, most restaurants and shops do accept credit cards. But you may need some cash (roubles) for taxi and souvenirs. Also if you are planning to pay for the event (or comps, or excursion) – we accept cash only (Euro, Russian roubles or US dollars).

    It is possible to exchange currency at the airport (they have normal rates) or in the center of the city. (Better not in Sberbank as their cash exchange rates are not good)
    There’s a cash machine in the hotel and some more walking distance from it.



    This year we’re planning 4 LEVELS of workshops:

    • Newcomer
    • Novice
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced/All stars

    Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced/All stars, corresponding to your WSDC level (level you have points on), and you’ll get the level badges in your envelopes.

    You can only attend the workshops for your level. Lower level workshops are also possible to attend if that’s not ruining the gender balance.

    You cannot attend workshops of higher level than stated on your badge unless you’re approved for that. If you want to “level up” for workshops you have to take part in level auditions before the workshops (check the Schedule).
    Newcomer pass only includes Newcomer level workshops.