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Virginie Grondin

Virginie Grondin is one of the top West Coast Swing dancer not only in Europe but in the world, one of the first europien dancers to reach Champions division, where she places regularly (Including biggest american events like Boogie By the Bay (San Francisco), MadJam (Washington) and Swing Diego (San Diego)).

Virginie started dancing when she was a small girl and did Modern Jazz, Classic and Contemporary dance, studied in the Lyon’s National Superior Dance Conservatory. In 2007 she discovered West Coast Swing and due to her previous training, her natural talent, artistical consciousness, her knowledge of her body and love of the movement, she very quickly became a professional and unique WCS dancer.

Her partnering with Maxence made a perfect match, they are unique, creative, inspiring, professional and very social couple. Their routines are breathtaking. Their social dancing toghether as well. 🙂