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Maxence Martin

Maxence Martin does not need an introduction. He is a renowned West Coast Swing performer and teacher, known and loved in all the world.

Before falling in for dancing, Maxence was a high-level judoka. This gave him a very high level of consciousness of his body, balance and movement. Maxence started his dance career with Lindy hop, and then discovered West Coast Swing which captivated him so much that he moved to USA (San Diego), so he could train and travel more and learn from the best. His adventurous spirit, persistence, and profound knowledge of movement made him the first European to enter the mythical division of “Champions” (WSDC), where he competes since 2008.

Nowadays, Maxence is one of the most popular WCS teachers in the world. He spends most of his time travelling all around the world. He is also known as the promoter of a very popular event in France, WOTP (Westie On The Promenade).