Estelle Bonnaire

Estelle began her dance journey at age of 13 when she discovered Lindy Hop. She was hooked from her first dance steps, and swing dancing quickly became a true passion and a lifestyle that pushed her to follow her second passion – traveling. She decided to travel the world and learn as much about the dance as possible, and eventually discovered West Coast Swing. She realized that this was the dance for her – mixing smooth, graceful, and technical qualities with her beloved swing – and she immediately fell in love.

In 2011, she moved to Montreal for two years to teach, learn, and improve herself among the best of the community. She traveled to places where she could compete, and she became the first French All-Star. She also trained professionally as a dancer and teacher of the dance during this time, developing her technique and teaching skills.

Estelle now lives back in Europe, where she competes, teaches, judges, and head judges at WSDC events. She continues to travel the world to share her passion with everybody. Her joyful personality and easy-going, open attitude make her a renowned teacher, and her way of making harder concepts easy to understand will make everyone in her class walk away with more confidence and understanding of the dance.